The Care & Support department is the largest department at Volkshilfe Wien. On behalf of the Fonds Soziales Wien, around 750 employees (around 85% women, 15% men) from different occupational groups are on the move every day to support people in their daily lives at their homes. Volkshilfe Wien specifically offers the following services in the field of mobile care and support: -home nursing -social psychiatric home nursing -home help -social psychiatric home help -several hours of day-to-day support -visiting service

Special care for people suffering from mental illness or dementia is also provided by the specially trained care and support teams of the social-psychiatric department of Volkshilfe Vienna. Professionally provided services in the field of care and support can be called up from mondays sundays and public holidays to address personal needs and enable the health well-being, dignity and self-determination of the people cared for.

Another special feature is the division into several nursing and care areas in order to ensure the highest possible quality of care under the guidance of nursing services and department heads. The area managers lead teams of 50 employees in the field as well as coordinate and plan assignments with customers.