With around 7,000 students, the FH Campus Wien is Austria's largest university of applied sciences. Its research topics are at the intersection of disciplines, such as Active and Assisted Living (AAL). Integration into national and international subject-specific networks as well as cooperation with universities and commercial enterprises contribute significantly to the research activities. The project partner is R&D GmbH as a 100% subsidiary of the non-profit association "FH Campus Wien - Association for the Promotion of the University of Applied Sciences, Development and Research Centre in the South of Vienna" (in short: FH Campus Wien). The people involved in the project are very familiar with the handling of projects, especially the project management FH-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Elisabeth Haslinger-Baumann (project management, nursing expertise) and FH-Prof. DI Mag. Dr.techn. Franz Werner (medical computer scientist).

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