Loidl-Consulting bases its experience in the field of software and hardware development for the medical and care sector on research activities as well as on customer support in "live operation". The implementation of customer-specific projects, especially in the area of IT infrastructure, requires a precise knowledge of practical workflows and best-practice in the medical and nursing sector, as well as detailed knowledge of legal requirements such as data protection, data backup and disaster recovery. Due to the constantly changing demands on technical systems, Loidl Consulting is familiar with a wide range of technical solutions, is able to combine them and apply them in a targeted manner. By participating in more than 10 national and international R&D projects, cooperating with various research institutions as well as national and international organizations, Loidl Consulting pushes the integration of new hardware and software technologies into the daily care routine. The combination of these two focal points allows Loidl Consulting to implement customer-specific hardware and software projects from the planning stage, through development and integration, to subsequent support, in order to create new, customized and innovative solutions.